Available Ragdoll Kittens in Fort Worth


Ragdollblues Available Ragdoll Kittens for Sale


I have several fabulous lynx, mink, tortie and bicolor kittens in creams, blues and seal colors. If interested please go to antennasearch.com and enter your home address (which will be my babies homes), then please screenshot me your findings. As a responsible breeder, I am selecting low radiation environments for the protection of the kittens health, due to the rollout of 5g, and radiation exposure. Please include in your email a description of your home environment and noise level. Also if you are in a house or apartment. 
Thank you!


Pet Pricing
1. Seal Lynx mitted boy $2200
2. Seal Lynx Mink mitted boy $2500
3. Seal Lynx Torbie Mink Bicolor girl very rare! $3500
4. Seal Tortie Mink mitted girl rare $3,300
5. Blue Torbie Lynx mitted girl rare $3,300

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Blue mitted boy, cream mitted boy and seal mitted boy $1800.
$500 off second kitten


Such a beautiful picture of your baby boy Judy! Thank you for this beautiful picture! I love seeing my babies in their new homes!

Ragdolls Take Me Away

Loose yourself in the arms of a magnificent, lavish, soft, silky, hug. Feel the relaxing vibration

of a big purr resonating through your bones. Your spirit will soar and your cares will lift.

Adorable picture Aaryn…thank you!


This picture makes my day! Thank you Hilda!

God is so faithful and good to give us such loving companions! Thank you Father God!

“Bless the Lord oh my soul and forget not all His benefits….He crowns us with loving kindness and tender mercy.” Ps 103:1-4



Indulge yourself, your family and your pets!

After years of Headaches and severe pressure inside my head, Insomnia, Fatigue, Tinnitus, Palpitations, Irritability and decreased immune and cognitive function…

God in His mercy showed me this smart meter shield.  With the increase in Radiation from the 5G..Please protect your home and pets!  It brings immense luxurious relaxation.  

The Best $59 I have ever spent.  Takes 1 min max to slip over your Smart Meter and 1 screw to tighten..My pets and I are so much more comfortable!  It feels like my insides are relaxed…instead of under pressure!



BEWARE: Seresto collar contains 2 pesticides. making it more toxic to both pets and people!

Inside your home you may not need flea meds. Use only if needed. They are all toxic. Revolution is the best for Ragdolls. It includes meds

that will cover ear mites.  Dawn dishsoap with the ducks on the bottle is a safe option for a flea shampoo.  PLEASE do not use other flea shampoos!  VERY TOXIC!



Please do not use collars on your kittens.  They will hang themselves or get stuck or break their jaw trying to chew it off.

If needed when traveling use a harness.