Available Ragdoll Kittens in Fort Worth

“A pet is an island of sanity in what appears to be an insane world,”






I get numerous requests daily for kittens. If you want 1 please place a deposit.

Seal mitted Previous litter

Honeysuckle and Topaz expecting 8/20/20

Expecting Seal tortie/bicolor/cream and seal 

# 1 Gary female seal mitted

#2 Christian male Blue or Cream

#3 Haydon Tortie Female

#4 Bambi Seal mitted Female

#5 and #6  Cream baby boys available



Previous kitten of Honeysuckle and Topaz


Please do not use collars on your kittens.  They will hang themselves or get stuck or break their jaw trying to chew it off.

If needed when traveling use a harness.