Welcome to Ragdoll Blues!

Updated 7/17/2024


Enjoy your summer with sweet ice tea & an even sweeter kitten!

We have Ragdoll kittens for sale now!


     We invite our wonderful Ragdoll Blues family to share their favorite pictures to [email protected]!

Beautiful pic Susan!  Thank you!

Lyndal G thank you for such a beautiful update! My kittens are blessed to have you for their mommie!!!


Ragdoll kittens love their buddies!! They are TERRIFIED of Collars! Please get them a friend and do not use a collar.  Use a HARNESS if needed to place on a leash

Lilly..lovely brilliant Russian Blue color!


Kittens are fully vaccinated and wormed before going home. All kittens are raised underfoot and not in cages. They all sleep in my lap and in my bed. I love them as a family member!

I feed both wet and dry food.  Lifes Abundance..Human grade Organic meats and purified water.

I am available by phone, text or email.  I respond immediately and you do not have to feel like a second class citizen as you wait days for a breeder to return your call.  I value my clients and treat you professionally and with the respect and service I would want.  I do follow the Golden Rule!   I will be glad to guide you with the years of advice both as a Registered Nurse and as a Breeder.


Your Comfort delights my soul…Psalm 94:19

Thank you for such beautiful pictures of your babies Kathy! I love to see my elegant babies all grown up and happy in their new homes!

Thank you for your participation and sharing your beautiful babies with everyone!


Having been a creative Being stuck in a color inside the lines, rigid environment all of my life….Let me give you permission to color….I promise you a “Touch of Class”, without dogging your love of variety and color.

You will be welcome to indulge yourself and color outside of the lines. Let your senses wonder…no more predictable look alikes. I will offer you a 1 of a kind experience in beauty, joy, laughter, snuggles, hugs and lots of love and purrs!

My desire is to Honor God’s diversity and my fellow feline friends. As we celebrate life, creativity, devotion and the love of our Ragdoll Feline Friends. Live, Love and Laugh!

Dallas, Fort Worth & Arlington Area, Texas