About Us

My earliest childhood memories are soft, fluffy, purring ones.  Never have I felt more contentment and peace, joy and wonder, bliss and harmony, than in the company of my favorite feline friends.  I always dreamed of being able to live in the Garden of Eden, so all of my companions were innocent, peaceful, loving and furry.

I have enjoyed surrounding myself with every furry critter that could be found for the last 30 years.  My heroes have been Jane Goodall and others who have abandoned civilized life for the company of animals.

Once while moving from Texas to Idaho, I stopped at a small feed store.  In front of the store was a tiny kitten with bugs crawling all over it…it was sneezing and its eyes were almost matted shut.  It was bony and skinny and yet it lifted its head and meowed to get my attention as I was walking by.  It looked me straight in the eye.  I bent over and picked up the little dude, who scampered up my arms and hid under the hair on my shoulders…thus after a can of food and a visit to the vet, my little dude slept peacefully on my shoulders, the entire trip to Idaho.  I never knew that only 6 weeks later….I would be the one in bed for the next 3 years paralyzed with Guillian Barre from a Tetanus Vaccine.  Winchester my little dude never left my side….When Jesus promised in John 14 and Hebrews 13:5 to never leave or forsake us and to leave us His peace…He must have added kittens to His plans, knowing that in the future there would be RAGDOLLS!

4 years ago, after moving back to Texas and visiting a cat show wth my little girl, we saw our first Ragdoll…after being turned down by several breeders, because I already had to many pets….I finally turned to the Ragdoll Rescue society and quickly adopted 5 beautiful Ragdolls.  I frequently read you can’t have just one…well in my case…5 is not enough.  So with a love for joy and beauty and a home filled with laughter and grins, RAGDOLLBLUES has begun to take shape.  Being a nurse, I see the sadness and pain in the human condition of life… and I see the glimmer of joy in the eyes of my patients, when I do pet therapy visits, with my gorgeous ragdolls.  I see the healing effect they have with just one touch of their silky fur.  One peek at their cute faces and one nudge of their head.  I see the difference one purr makes.  Instant love and joy is felt.  My desire is to lift spirits of others.  I want to produce whimsical, healthy, loving pets for people to love and experience Gods Best.

My daughter and I have collected 15 of the cutest and funniest faces we could find for our foundation Kings and Queens.  We have covered Canada and all parts of the United States with very diverse bloodlines.  I think variety is the spice of life…so I am embracing the elegance of the dilute chocolates/apricot creams/as well as the melody of the blue mink tortie and torbie with delightful splotches of color and stripes here and there, along with the traditional beauty of the pointed seals and blue mitteds and the deep chocolate of the seal mink with a blaze and the seal tortie bicolor.

And as a Grand Finale….I decided to add Solids including a Solid Black Tortie/Solid Blue Mitted and a Bicolor Black Smoke Tortie mitted as well as a
Seal Mink Tortie and I am still looking for a Bicolor Chocolate Mink for topping on the cake.  I hope to fill your homes with love/laughter/praise and joy.

Blessings my friends.  Kathy and Ali

My thanks to Laurie, Sharron, Melissa, Lisa, Blossom, Jane, Angie and Gerlinda for their instruction, education, ideas, patience and friendship over the past 2 years with my endless stream of ideas and questions.

My sincere apology to Ken and other people in the show world whom I have offended with my obsession to color outside of the blue eyed pointed breed lines with this awesome personality.  My desire is to offend no one and please many with diversity and a splash of joy and color wrapped in this buttery, silky coat and beautiful personality.