Kiera and Simba

Kiera and Simba,

We love him, he’s a sweetie.

Sean 4/14

Sundance & Cassidy

Hi Kathy,

Sundance, who is the darker girl and Cassidy is the boy.  They are awesome.

Cassidy is definately a lap kittey.  He loves to be held like a baby and have his chest rubbed.  Sunni likes to sit on her perch beside Marks chair and let him pet her. She also demands a petting toll anytime someone walks by her.

The are absolutely wonderful pets.  Thought you might enjoy this picture.

Vicky (kittens purchased 7/12/13)

Godzuki and Godzilla

Now almost 2 years old Godzuki and Godzilla, and they are the sweetest cats.  They couldn’t be better with the kids, and they are truly part of our family.  And they’re HUE, which is exactly what we wanted.  Thanks for everything! Derron


I sat for a minute between chores and heard Mango’s soft meow, as she came running in.  I said ” Mango!” and she jumped in my lap for some love!  Placing one tall order for another one just like her! She is so loving! What a snugabunny! Lawn Ornaments of the prettiest kind! They just love sitting out in the back yard…Ms Guerra


By far the best cattery I have visited.  All the cats and kittens have the besty living conditionswith the highest quality food and are given alot of care and attention.  This cattery has a very large selection of beautiful Ragdolls.  I am very happy with my Ragdoll: Sebastian.  He follows me around like a puppy and is the only cat I’ve had that can fetch.  He is very healthy, sweet, loving and playful and weighs about 10lbs at 9 months old.  Philip

How Cute!

Thought you might get a kick out of this picture….Stephanie