Fluffy is doing great! We are so happy to have found you and her!  Thank you so much. My little girl loves her so much. Elise Victor


Blossie is about as near to perfect a cat as I’ve ever had!  She loves to explore in the cabinets and one of her favorite hideaways is on top of our kitchen cabinets! She and my puppy are inseparable and  am so glad they have each other.  She is awesome with our girls and is … Read more

The Twins

Hello there Kathy! The twins are getting so big, and they are extremely lovable.  They follow each other around everywhere but then they like different things.  They are like yin and yang.  One likes summer and ones likes winter.  They are amazing! Thank you again!! Ali


Hi Kathy! Wanted to send you a recent photo of Leo. I cannot tell you what a great addition to our family he is.  We’ve had many cats but he it just the best!  His personality is adorable and we are all enjoying him so much.  Just wanted you to know.  I’ll keep in touch! … Read more


Here is our handsome Paddington!  He is gorgeous, playful, smart and a bit mischievious!  We adore him.  Thank you for our second perfect Ragdoll! K Guerra