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Peanut, Lilly & Abby

Kathy:  I can’t express enough love and gratitude for Peanut,Lilly and Abby.  They are like my shadows always following me around the house.  They are such loving healthy kitties.  They bring joy to my life each and everyday.  They are brought up in such a loving home that they really don’t need an adjustment period.  I’m sure I’m not your only client that has bought three of your Ragdolls.  Sincerely Michelle


Cute Picture

Hi Lyndall, Thanks for the cute pictures below!

Email from Becca

Email just in from Becca, who purchased the above darling baby as well as a seal mink mitted boy! Will post a picture as soon as they settle in to there new home!

“All is well! They are eating, sleeping, playing as one would expect!Slept in od next to me ght!  She is bashful but getting braver watching him haha and HE is just all Ragdoll and all boy…fearless, playful, loving.  So happy about them!!”



Fluffy is doing great! We are so happy to have found you and her!  Thank you so much. My little girl loves her so much. Elise Victor


Blossie is about as near to perfect a cat as I’ve ever had!  She loves to explore in the cabinets and one of her favorite hideaways is on top of our kitchen cabinets! She and my puppy are inseparable and  am so glad they have each other.  She is awesome with our girls and is so laid-back. We love her so much already!  Kind of like she was made for our family. Brooke Ross

The Twins

Hello there Kathy! The twins are getting so big, and they are extremely lovable.  They follow each other around everywhere but then they like different things.  They are like yin and yang.  One likes summer and ones likes winter.  They are amazing! Thank you again!! Ali

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