Merry Christmas Kathy!  As you can see, the day has worn out our sweet JacqueAmo. He was in the middle of all the festivitiess until the very end…. such a friendly little soul! Love my angel baby!  Blessings Kathy


May Jesus be born in your heart again and bless your life. I profoundly thank Him for letting me meet you and for this beautiful friendship that we have developed despite the distance. Your baby Fluffy wishes you a Happy Meow Year! Sending tons of Hugs from Mexico!!! Grace  


Lilly is almost 7 months old now.  She is such a blessing and joy to have in our house.  Never seems to leave my side and loves playing with her Ragdollblues brother Peanut….she loves all the attention anybody can give her and purrs like a motor boat.  Thank you Kathy again for such a wonderful … Read more

Garfield & Melody

Kathy, It’s been another great year with Garfield and Melody.  Garfield cooperated with Christmas pictures…He weighs 14 lbs! He’s my big boy.  He loves to cuddle in the middle of the night and when a 14 lb cat wants attention, he gets it.  Thanks again for a pair of magnificent cats! Natalie Webb


Okin gives Lyndal tons of sandpaper kisses every day!  His eyes are gorgeous.  He and Miss Mango adore each other and his best pal is a female dog with a head the size of Okin.  His purr is louder than any other!! He is living the good life!  A match made in Heaven! Kathy Guerra … Read more

Sid & Bear

8/7/14 Hi Kathy, I wanted to give you an update on our boys Sid and Bear.  They have brought us more joy than either one of us could have imagined.  Jack and I are both sooooo in love with them.  They are growing like crazy. They are incredibly entertaining.  They play together until they are … Read more

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