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         I have used both a courier service and Delta PetSafe for shipping.  The options all depend on where you live and what is available in your area.  Delta does provide a nice temperature controlled environment with year around service to most locations.  Shipping price $350 for most locations within the US. With shipping/pet carrier and health certification. $60 fee for transport to DFW and $120 fee for transport to Lovefield.

bullet-sm.jpg $310.00 to secure the kitten of your choice. $200.00 off the total price with purchase of 2 kittens. Kittens are $850. 

Kittens are vaccinated/wormed/TICA registered/guaranteed. Pet insurance to cover any accident or illness including genetic or congenital defects available thru Healthy Paws if requested. So you are fully protected!


I highly recommend the "Guide to Owning a Ragdoll Cat". This book is available at Amazon.com.  I found this book very concise and informative even to those of us with biology degrees.  Yet simple and an easy read.


Kittens will come fully vaccinated and wormed with all age appropriate vaccines.  I use killed virus vaccines to prevent any side effects for my kittens. Ask your vet to order Fel-O-Vax IV + CaliciVax from Boehringer Ingelheim.  I give Fel-o-vax  IV+ Calici at 6/9/12wks.  Panacur is used to worm at 6 and 8 weeks. Modified live virus vaccines that the majority of Vets and vaccine clinics use can cause the disease you are trying to prevent.  DO NOT VACCINATE FOR FIP OR FE LEUKOPENIA or your guarantee will be void. Ragdolls are very sensative and do not react well to these vaccines. 

bullet-sm.jpg Pet prices for Ragdoll kittens is $850.  Ultra Rare Sepias and some rare patterns will be priced individually.                                                                                            

 All kittens will be replaced if ever there were a genetic problem.  All I will need is a letter from the Vet and autopsy report..  No questions asked.   All breeding parents are HCM neg/neg FIP and Fe leukemia negative.  TICA Registered Ragdolls carefully selected for color/health/temperment/loads of personality and tender loving care! 

I do not require an intrusive application, however. out of kindness I would appreciate knowing how our little babies will be taken care of. That you have read and agree to consider my suggestions. And for the happiness of the kitten please have a playmate.  I will give a significant discount if you buy 2.  Ragdoll kittens and cats do not do well alone without another Ragdoll.  They are very close knit and family oriented. Don't worry, they can love you and each other.  In fact they will love you more for meeting their social needs.

Please do not smoke in the home of Ragdoll Cat.  They are very sensative.  Please do not declaw them.  This is much like cutting off the end of your own fingers.  IF YOU NEED EAR MITE OR FLEA CONTROL IN THE FUTURE PLEASE USE REVOLUTION. RAGDOLL CATS SEEM TO TOLERATE THIS ONE MUCH BETTER THAN OTHER BRANDS. I lost a cat in 2009 to the toxins of flea medication.  It is a neuro toxin.  Keep your cats inside and with the windows open in the fresh air and sun...they can enjoy the sound and feel of air and insects and birds without exposure to toxic flea medication.  Best of all build a nice screened in porch that the cats can access year around to feel the change in season.  Provide water purifiers and fresh grown catnip and wheat grass for them to graze.  Do build or purchase a cat tree and shelving.  They do love to climb and sharpen their claws on sizle rope.


Cashmere my first love and inspiration into the Ragdoll world. 

 Please add the 3.5% Paypal fee if you need to use paypal...otherwise contact me for mailing address to send personal check or money order.

For kitten deposits or payments please click the Paypal button below.


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