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 Client Responses

Fluffy is doing great! We are so happy to have found you and her!  Thank you so much. My little girl loves her so much. Elise Victor

Blossie is about as near to perfect a cat as I've ever had!  She loves to explore in the cabinets and one of her favorite hideaways is on top of our kitchen cabinets! She and my puppy are inseparable and  am so glad they have each other.  She is awesome with our girls and is so laid-back. We love her so much already!  Kind of like she was made for our family. Brooke Ross

Before and After Pictures

Hello there Kathy! The twins are getting so big, and they are extremely lovable.  They follow each other around everywhere but then they like different things.  They are like yin and yang.  One likes summer and ones likes winter.  They are amazing! Thank you again!! Ali


 This little bug is the sweetest boy I 've ever met!  He loves his big brother maybe a little more than his brother does!  He never leaves my side, keeps me from studying as hard as he can try, and grows by the minute.  He is very loved and very happy!!!! Thank you for giving me such a wonderful baby!! Virginia Weixelman

 Hi Kathy! Wanted to send you a recent photo of Leo. I cannot tell you what a great addition to our family he is.  We've had many cats but he it just the best!  His personality is adorable and we are all enjoying him so much.  Just wanted you to know.  I'll keep in touch! Melissa


Kathy: Each day I'm reminded of how precious Lilly is to me.  She makes me laugh all the time.  She loves her laser toy so much that she will knock it off the table to remind me to play with it with her.  When I come into the room where she is on the cat tree she will show me how much she loves me by wiggling and trying to grab my hand with her paw.  She always has to be in the same room as I am and will even wait in the bathroom while I take a bath....Sincerely Michelle

Happy Valintines Day from Ragdollblues Teddy..owner and photographer Allyson Karn

Winner of 2014 Christmas Photo Contest Entry #9


Entry #14

Zullee watching for Santa's sled. Stephen Liebowitz

Entry #13


This is Okin's girlfriend Wylie the dog!  As you can see, Okin the cat caught her tail and is playing with it!  He is such a character! Lyndal Guerra 



Here is our handsome Paddington!  He is gorgeous, playful, smart and a bit mischievious!  We adore him.  Thank you for our second perfect Ragdoll! K Guerra

Entry #11

Schuman, Brahams and Zulee my 3 Ragdollblues babies on Santa Watch. Steve

Entry #10


Merry Christmas Kathy!  As you can see, the day has worn out our sweet JacqueAmo. He was in the middle of all the festivitiess until the very end.... such a friendly little soul! Love my angel baby!  Blessings Kathy

Entry #9


May Jesus be born in your heart again and bless your life. I profoundly thank Him for letting me meet you and for this beautiful friendship that we have developed despite the distance. Your baby Fluffy wishes you a Happy Meow Year! Sending tons of Hugs from Mexico!!! Grace

Entry #8


Fresco is playing the part of an Angel and JacqueAmo is the Mischievious Elf!


Our little angel!  She is the first to kiss me good morning every day!  She is  so sweet and everyone adores her.  She loves to visit when company comes.  She is so very social!!! Kathy Guerra




Sweet Babies! Vicki 

Entry #5


Lilly is almost 7 months old now.  She is such a blessing and joy to have in our house.  Never seems to leave my side and loves playing with her Ragdollblues brother Peanut....she loves all the attention anybody can give her and purrs like a motor boat.  Thank you Kathy again for such a wonderful kitten. Michelle Kratz

Entry #4

Hello, I have won 2 photo awards with Teddie May. She sleeps on Bella's(my daughter) head every night.  She waits for Bella to fall asleep and then when I go to lock up the house, last check she is on her head. Everything she does is cute! Allyson Karn

Entry #3

Happy Holidays from Okin and Mango! Much love sent your way this Holiday Season. Lyndal Guerra

Entry #2

Kathy, It's been another great year with Garfield and Melody.  Garfield cooperated with Christmas pictures...He weighs 14 lbs! He's my big boy.  He loves to cuddle in the middle of the night and when a 14 lb cat wants attention, he gets it.  Thanks again for a pair of magnificent cats! Natalie Webb

Entry #1 


 Santa's Toes..Kathy just a Christmas thank you for Zulee.  After 1.5 years, he is the #1 (of my 3 Ragdollblues Cats.) Even the cats are happy to let him step in front for petting, food, brushing and he is always purring and has a double or triple purr.Each morning around 7 a.m. he hops on my pillow next to my head where he spent his first 2 nights here and purrs, then goes to my feet where he curls up. I cannot imagine the world without him.  Steve Liebowitz

Kathy, I  wish you the best this holiday season...You are loved and have brought so much joy into so many families.  So than you, Kathy. This thanksgiving, I'd like to thank you for everything you've done for me and my family.  Okin is such a dream baby. We send our love.  Lyndal

Okin gives Lyndal tons of sandpaper kisses every day!  His eyes are gorgeous.  He and Miss Mango adore each other and his best pal is a female dog with a head the size of Okin.  His purr is louder than any other!! He is living the good life!  A match made in Heaven! Kathy Guerra


Hi Kathy,

I wanted to give you an update on our boys Sid and Bear.  They have brought us more joy than either one of us could have imagined.  Jack and I are both sooooo in love with them.  They are growing like crazy. They are incredibly entertaining.  They play together until they are exhausted then sleep the afternoon away- sometimes intertwined with each other which is very cute.

They sleep with us every night and wake Jack up early with forehead kisses because they are ready for their breakfast.  They have brought us such happiness, more than we ever expected.  

Anyway, thank you so much for bringing us such joy.  The boys are truly a blessing!  

I hope you have a fantastic summer.  

Take Care

Carol Ann Jeffers

6/14 This is Gladys. She is precious,  we love her so much.  The vet says she is in great health.  She has been a delight for us to raise.  She is the sweetest cat I have ever been around. Thank you for giving us the chance to buy her. She has just been spayed. Susan Brown

"I would give you a 12 star rating out 5!!! Teddie loves everyone.  Sometimes she goes to small group church with us and to family get togethers.  My 8 year old niece is with us for the next week and drags her everywhere. Thank you for raising this baby!" A. Karn



Hi Kathy!

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much we how much we adore having Khan and Khaki in our lives.  They are every bit as affectionate and loving as you said, and they are smart!! They are terrific company for us, and for each other.  I am so glad you suggested getting two instead of just one cat!  They do everything together (even going to the litter box). They get along really well with our German Shepherd; Khan even curls up and sleeps with him on occasion.

We love our cats! Even a couple of my sons who were not previously cat fans want to get a ragdoll because they are so personable. 

You can see theat they are really growing, and they are very healthy!

All best wishes!




Meet Miss Clara Bella Blue Bird Voice...the chirper. And underneath Mr Rosco Tubby Tot Cat Tunneler.

My pretty babies.  Roscoe is 13lb now.  Purchased 9/13 and Clara 10/13. Thanks Melette

Hi Kathy,

I Love my LOVEY girls and now I want a boy! Unless you have had a bad breeder to compare, then you really wouldn't know what a good breeder really is. Everything that you have said has been 100% true.  My kittenss have saved my life.  My two rag babies are just so loving so sweet not a bad mean aggressive bone in their body.  I attribute that to you.  The time you spend with them is evident.  Nerissa Balajadia (purchased 2/5/13 and 4/24/13) and awaiting baby boy 5/14.


The kittens are doing great!  So friendly and playful!!! Tiffany


We are soooo in love with our kitten, Teddie. Drew and Parker' mom worked together to purchase Teddie as a prom invitation.  Drews parents flew from Indiana to DFW and picked up the kitten to fly home for the surprise.  The kitten never made a peep or meow on the plane I am told.  And now Parker and Drew treat Teddie like their own baby.  Afterschool today Teddie is going to spend time at Drew'ss parents home because hi mom and dad are dying to have time with her :)). Allyson

Kiera and Simba,

We love him, hes a sweetie.

Sean 4/14

Hi Kathy,

Sundance, who is the darker girl and Cassidy is the boy.  They are awesome. 

Cassidy is definately a lap kittey.  He loves to be held like a baby and have his chest rubbed.  Sunni likes to sit on her perch beside Marks chair and let him pet her. She also demands a petting toll anytime someone walks by her.

The are absolutely wonderful pets.  Thought you might enjoy this picture.

Vicky (kittens purchased 7/12/13)

Thought you might like to see more pics of Rose my Lilac girl with my Lilac Bunny! Terri (kitten from same litter as Kimberly Chaneys litter 9/25/13) No blood parasites. Family did not feed fish but fed Lifes Abundance as instructed.



Paddinton Bear is getting quite handsome!  He has the most remarkable personality? He is just as entertaining as he is beautiful! Blessings Kathy G. (Littermate of Leslie Kupstas kitten who had a clean bill of health before flying to Penn.) Perfect condition! 12/27/13


 Now almost 2 years old Godzuki and Godzilla, and they are the sweetest cats.  They couldn't be better with the kids, and they are truly part of our family.  And they're HUE, which is exactly what we wanted.  Thanks for everything! Derron


Photo #14 Brahms 2 years old Seal Mink mitted....owner Stephen Liebowitz

Photo Entry #13 Schuman 2 year old Seal mitted on Santa Cat watch...owner Stephen Liebowitz


Photo Entry #12 Peaches Seal Lynx Tortie Age 2...owner Midge Griffin

 Photo Entry #11 Bella Blue point mitted age 8 months....owner Tasha Goodman


Photo Entry #10 Blue Eyed White Ragdoll

Photo Entry #9 Sophie Seal Mink Mitted 2 year old....owner Midge Grippin

Photo Entry #8 Garfield Seal Sepia Lynx and Melody Seal mink mitted 1 yr old....owner Natalie Webb

 Photo Entry #7 Garland Flame Mink Mitted....owner Kaitlyn Guerra


Photo Entry #6 Kris Kringle Seal Mink Bicolor...owner Kaitlyn Guerra

 Photo Entry #5 Zulee Solid Blue Bicolor 6 months old....owner Stephen Liebowitz


Photo Entry #4 Jacque 2 year old Seal Mink Bicolor....owner Kathy Guerra

 Photo Entry #3 Binxley High Van Seal Lynx Point 3 years old...owner Lyndal Guerra


Photo Entry #2 Dexter Seal Mink 1 year old...owner Melissa Schaar

Photo Entry #1 Mango Solid Blue Tortie 2.5 years old...owner Lyndal Guerra

I sat for a minute between chores and heard Mango's soft meow, as she came running in.  I said " Mango!" and she jumped in my lap for some love!  Placing one tall order for another one just like her! She is so loving! What a snugabunny! Lawn Ornaments of the prettiest kind! They just love sitting out in the back yard...Ms Guerra

 Jacque a mo, my angel baby enjoying this balmy spring day! . ..His piercing blue eyes are unbelievable! Blessings, Kathy


I thought you might want to see some recent pictures of Dusty.  She is soooo beautiful!

She is still quite the comedian and makes me laugh all the time!!! I wish I could capture some of the looks she gives me.  Especially the one where I swear she is thinking, "Are you freakin' kiddin' me?" LOL!

I hope all is well with you.  Take Care! Robyn


By far the best cattery I have visited.  All the cats and kittens have the besty living conditionswith the highest quality food and are given alot of care and attention.  This cattery has a very large selection of beautiful Ragdolls.  I am very happy with my Ragdoll: Sebastian.  He follows me around like a puppy and is the only cat I've had that can fetch.  He is very healthy, sweet, loving and playful and weighs about 10lbs at 9 months old.  Philip


Thought you might get a kick out of this picture....Stephanie

2012 CHRISTMAS PHOTO CONTEST! WINNER KRIS KRINGLE IN HIS BOW TIE AND CHRISTMAS VILLAGE!  $100.00 Gift Certificate to Lifes Abundance.  Have fun shopping Kris!


Hey Kathy,

They are so sweet and happy.  Literally the most lovable cats I've ever had.  And, they are enormous.  Zuki hasn't caught up to Zilla, but he's a pretty good sized cat.  Zilla is just the biggest cat I've ever seen.  Super sweet with the biggest purr motor you've ever heard.  Zilla is never far away from Zuki and vice versa. 

Anyway, happy new year, and hope all is well with you and yours.






Entry #17 Jack Sparrow


 Hi Kathy!

I just wanted to send you a quick email letting you know your baby is very happy and very spoiled! He has adjusted to our family very well.... He even sleeps on my nine year olds pillow every night! :) Merry Christmas!  Stephanie


Entry #16 Dewey

Hi Kathy, 

Here is our entry.  Not the greatest picture because it was one of those moment things.  Dewey likes to climb the Christmas tree and check out the ornaments.  He is growing really fast and all the cat haters I know adore him.  He's the most social and sweetest kitten we have ever seen.  Merry Christmas and all the Best for 2013 Jeanne

Entry #15 Binxley

This is Binxley my one year old Ragdoll.  He has been my shadow since the day he came home.  I love how sweet and loving he is with our friends and family.  He purrs, plays, chatters, and cuddles all day long.  he brings so much joy to my life and is the greatest big brother to our two other Ragdollblues babies.  Thank you, Kathy, for giving me this beautiful gift.  Lyndal


Entry #14 Garfield

Garfield loves his early Christmas present.  He got a new climbing tree and made it all the way up on his first go! Natalie


Entry #13 Peaches and Sophie


 It's hard to get pictures of them when the cling to my lap all day! Midge



Entry #12 Zoey Lynn


 She is a sweetheart!  Follows me everywhere. My little shadow.  When I get home she is always waiting at the door...she cracks me up!  I'm soo happy she is in my life!!! She loves my other cat too... They are best friends now!...Shauna

Entry #11 Cocoa Channel


 My beautiful Coco who has a beautiful personality and loving spirit!  Thank You Kathy !! Gloria

Entry #10 Lola



Entry #9 Bristle Britches


 I took this this morning.  He's very comfortable on this gift box.  I hope the recipient doesn't mind a squished gift... Misty


Entry #8 Cutie Pie


 Hi Kathy,

I just want to thank you for our precious baby boy. We all love him so very much! He is truly the sweetest kitten ever! He does love his chicken.  What a cutie!  Thanks again. 


Entry #7 Elijah


 After loosing our precious Gabriel we are so excited to be bringing home our 2 new boys 12/24/12! Thanks again....Shane and Carol.

Entry #6 Simba


Hi Kathy,

Here is the picture Simba that I am entering in the contest.

Thank you


Entry #5 Manny and Tilly

Here's our beautiful Manny and Tilly.  At 6 months they are still attached at the hip.  This was a rare moment when they weren't either sleeping or tearing around the house playing with each other.  They are so sweet! We love, love, love them!!!! Thanks Mardie

Entry #4 BELLA


She is beautiful and we enjoy having her as part of our family! Pat and Sarah


Entry #3 Jacque-a-mo


Hi Kathy,

I am completely head over heals in love with my precious "blue eyed" mink, Jacque-A-Mo. He has more love to give than any other pet, canine or feline, that I have ever had.  He is a head butting, purr machine.  He cuddles so close to me as he chirps (talks) himself to sleep every night.  I will never forget how you hand picked this littles angel just for me.  You truly have a gift.  Blessings, Kathy


Entry #2 Kris Kringle

Christmas had always been my favorite time of the year.  When I named Kris Kringle I had no idea his personality would truly match the legend of the "gift giver"!  Kringle gives the gift of Laughter, warmth, and loyalty to my family and I.  My little gentleman, Kris Kringle, will "deck the halls" with ragdoll personality forever!  Thank you Kathy for blessing me with the gift that keeps on giving! Kaitlin

 Entry #1 PEANUT


Here is my handsome Peanut.  He is such a joy in my life.  There isn't a place in my house where he is not by my side.  I really need to put a collar with a bell on him because he is like my shadow.  He is a big boy for only being 9 months old.  Michelle

 Hey Kathy,

I thought I would send you some pictures of little Lola, or not so little Lola really! It is amazing how big she is for only 6 months of age.  She has a fabulously fluffy tail! She is so spoiled!  She loves to hang out whereever we are. The kids like to put her in the high chair so she is part of dinner, lol.  She does amazingly well and never tries to eat the kids food or anything! Kelly



Kathy, thank you so much for meeting with my family and I....Kringle has been nothing but an absolute DREAM!  His personality fits in perfectly with all of our household pets.  He loves to run and skid down the halls as well as lick all of our faces!  Kringle really enjoys his meal times lol.  He sleeps so close to me every night and adores the little yellow bird you left for him...I think of you everytime I lay eyes on him. Words can't describe how much I care for him.  Thank you again for giving me such a beautiful little gift.  By the way, my dog Koco LOVES the dog food you sent!  She goes crazy for it LOL. Thinking of you always and I'll keep you updated!  Sincerely, Kaitlin



Kathy: I can't even imagine my life without Peanut.  He is such a joy to have.  Thank You! Michelle


 My sister-in-law and niece came ovr to meet the kitten yesterday and said she was the most beautiful cat they had ever seen.  They have never had cats, only dogs, but by the time they left yesterday, they wanted a kitten.  They wanted to take her.  My sister-in-law said she was "picture perfect" beautiful.  Like one of those kittens you only see in a picture book.  They laughed so hard at her.  She put on the cutest show for them.  I was so proud!! They kept saying "you're so lucky to have her." R. B.


Our sweet little angel is a thief!  When I take my shoes off in my closet (of course she is always right there by my side) she grabs the shoe lace and takes off with it.  Too Cute!

Then last night...I was replacing a blanket with a new little bed that I bought her to put under my bed where she likes to sleep and found that she had stolen my husband's sunglasses.  She had them on her blanket along with one of her balls.  He had placed them on the bed with his things when he got home from work.  You might expect a puppy to take things, bu I wouldn't expect a sweet little kitten to take and hide them. 

She does so many funny thiings and makes me laugh alot!  She had the BEST personality!! I love her so much!!!!

Thank you again!! Robyn



 Being totally facinated with Gods little critters...I have taken every biology/embryology/zoology/genetics/ornithology and microbiology class I can find.  Loving color...I have spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars seeking the most unusual patterns and colors in the Ragdoll world.  I was thrilled with my purchase of Magnolia my smoke tortie girl...who was 5 months old before I was able to talk Sharron into letting me purchase her..LOL.  She is breathtaking and I had so many people wanting to share in her elegance with her offspring....she is marvelous in every way..you can't help but praise God to be in her presence.  She just had her very first much anticipated litter of kittens...and after a long 36 hour labor...had to have a c-section and spay.  I was thrilled her life was saved....and she has 3 beautiful babies...but a bit saddened to say the least at the loss of beauty to extend to so many of you waiting for her babies...As I was talking to God about it this beautiful butterfly landed on the flower outside my window and allowed me to take these 3 beautiful pictures.  I was so thrilled with the design in the wings when I blew it up...the contrast of orange and pink....even in the heat of 106 degree days in Texas...God is alive and has more to share with us!  I am excited to see what is around the next corner.  If anyone can talk me out of them I have a solid blue mitted boy and  a seal tortie girl ...whose pictures will be coming soon.  Her solid blue mitted with a blaze girl will be staying here.




Hi Kathy,

I thought you might enjoy an update on Fluffernutter.  He weighs 14lb at 9 months.   He is such a joy, and such a goofball.  He is just tons of fun!  Thanks Again.  Lisa



 He is precious and acts like he has always lived here.....he is as happy as can be and I never knew I would love him so much!  Belynda

Kathy: He is such a love bug...Are all the kittens just like him in personality? You really have to look at where your walking because he follows me around like my shadow.  Michelle

She is absolutely adorable-loving, sweet, mischievious, fearless- and she loves us both equally!  She is an absolute riot charging around the house doing the Halloween cat pose at everything she encounters!  We love our new little girl Kallisto although she will probably go through life being called, "Baby"! Nancy



I have heard such good things about Ragdolls and have wanted one for over a year now. And now that I have them  it is even better than I expected! Thank you so much for these gorgeous babies! Arlane




Just can't say it enough!  Thank you for taking good care of my baby!  God bless you and keep up the good work making people happy!  Kathie, Tony & Sophie


Daisy is growing up and getting more beautiful and sweeter!  We love her so much!

I had Daisy spayed so u can see a little bald spot on her tummy. She is doing great! She is so smart.  My parents visit her every other day.  She gets lots of love and attention. They are in love with Daisy girl! I hope your having a wonderful summer!  Laura



One thing we have noticed about the kitten is anytime someone gets in a bath she jumps in with them. She has gone swimming 3 times since we got her.  She litterally dives into the tub.  She tries to get in the shower too. Silly kitten! To make it even crazier when we take her out of the tub and dry her with a towel she will still sit at the side of the tubcleaning herself and purring!  I guarantee if any of my other cats even had a drop of water on them they would not be purring, especially if they were drenched.  Warm Regards Angela 

Life is hard when you are so loved.....Hi Kathy, Our little ball of joy has been a blessing in our lives.  She is adjusting just fine and totally loved.  Thank you for bringing such joy to us!  Warmest Regards, Angela

View photo in message


Lola is doing fabulous!  She is so sweet!  She has beenplaying like crazy, then letting the kids snuggle her upshen she's worn out.  She ate and drank right off, and had no problems with the different litter.  She slept between us last night, snuggled with her bunny on her blanket.  She is perfect and we just love her! Thank you so much !!!! Kelly

Just a little FYI, our two little babies are REALLY growing and they have settled in to our house very nicely.  They are a pleasure.  You told us everyone says they got just what they wanted.  Well we would say the same.  They are alot of fun and very loving. Thanks for everything.  Tim

Oh Kathy, Daisy is just amazing!  We love her so much!  She is doing just fine and growing like crazy.  she definitely owns this home and her toys and scratching posts are over the house.  She loves her play times and naps.  She sleeps with us at night curled up on my shoulders or on the pillows.  I love her so much it's hard for me to go to work and I rush home to be with her. She provides alot of entertainment and love. Thank you again for her!  Love Laura

Here is a picture of our boys enjoying a Spring Day! They love their harnesses and leashes.  You are the best at picking the right kittens for their people and vice versa! Lyndal

Hi Kathy,

Can't wait to see Jacque! Binx's color changes so fast.  I'm loving it.  I couldn't possibly imagine my days without him!  Keep up the good work you're doing for these kitties because they are about to make their families extremely happy!  I appreciate everything you do.  The smiles that Ragdolls give are so unique compared to any other breed of cat.  And their unconditional love is absolutely heartwarming.  Lyndal


 Hello Kathy

Have I told you thank you for this Fluffball of Love?...He is absolutely EVERYTHING I hoped he would be.  I love how he wants to be in the same room with me.  Right now he is sleeping on my desk....He is adorable!!




Rocky(ragdoll) has pretty much taken over Buster's(golden doodle's) bed.  He lies right in the middle of all the toys.  It is hard to tell which is toy and which is Rocky.  I could go on and on about how wonderful he is! I just wanted to give you this update.  Thank you again!  He just adores Buster but Buster is still not sure.  Lisa


He is my little shadow!  He goes everywhere I go, and I love it!  He is so beautiful.  A million thank you's couldn't possibly be enough for me to tell you how thankful I am for this gift you gave me! Can't wait to have one more under our roof!  Thank You! Blessings LG


Kathy....so happy to have two ragdoll kittens which are sisters.  They are truely a joy and without having to split them up they are so happy.  Even the first night home they were happy little girls and not even sad.  After putting my 13 year old Himalayan to sleep due to cancer and a heart block....(the hardest thing I have ever done).  I can say my heart loves again.  These sisters are such a blessing in my life!  If I had to do it all over again I would pick 2 siblings again!  Sabrina


Hi Kathy,

I have never met a breed feline or canine that has so much to offer!  Our 2 Ragdolls are wonderful.  We started with just 1 even after knowing all of the research said to keep them in pairs.  Our kitten loved everyone and our other pets.  Still something was missing. When he turned six months we brought another Ragdoll kitten into our home.  It was love at first site!  They tumble together, talk to each other and sleep side by side.  The most amazing thing is, they will still search out every human in the house to smother them with love or to play a game of fetch..yes, fetch!  All of our hearts are full!

Kathy G


 He is a good boy!  You can see him and Housty are good friends!




You have given my mom the best gift ever.  She is so happy!  Jacque a mo is the most perfect addition to our family!  Thanks you! 





 He is such a sweet little guy: I just love him.  He has learned that after I turn the shower on I make my bed, (so the shower can heat-up). So now, when I turn on the shower hemakes a flying leap for the bed so he can "help" me make the bed.  It is one of my favorite times of the day! ( I am much better now at making my bed in the morning because it is so much fun)!  LW










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