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Life's Abundance Premium Health Food for Cats.  Finally, a wholesome, nutritious meal that merits two paws up from your feline!

Life's Abundance is made using only fresh, human-quality ingredients such as a delectable blend of premium all natural chicken, liver, and turkey with top quality catfish, along with fresh vegetables and grasses that will appeal to even the most discriminating palate.  Added to Life's Abundance is a superior blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to help contribute to a healthy daily diet.  Contains no artificial flavors, colorings, sugars or chemical preservatives.




We proudly feed Life's Abundance to our Cats & Kittens. If you would like more information click here to see the video on pet food production and place an order if you desire. 


 Just in a new picture of Lilly enjoying retirement with her 2 boys.  Thank you for this stunning picture Jack Jeffers.

 Those of you wanting to keep up with Sunshine, she is enjoying her retirement as an artist in training..enjoying life in the art studio of Kathy Guerra.


Kitten Pricing  

 All kittens are $850-$1150 with $200 off on second kitten. Kittens will be $850 for Traditionals, $950 for all Minks, $1050 for Solids and $1150 for Sepias. Deposit to hold your baby is $300. Deposits are nonrefundable but transferable to another kitten.  Please contact me to check availability and place kitten on hold. If using Paypal the icon can be found on the purchase tab...please remember to include the 3.5% fee.  Otherwise contact me for mailing address to send personal check or money order.  Payment must be complete before shipping. If for any reason you are not able to get your kitten please notify me asap..That will allow me time to find a new home for your baby.  I appreciate those of you who can make payments along the way or pay for the kitten by 8 weeks...this helps me with the food and vet bills along the way. If payment is not complete until pickup, please bring cash or money order....no personal checks on pickup.I frequently meet those of you coming from Austin and San Antonio in Waco.  I am glad to do this for you and decrease your trip by 3 hours. Those coming from Houston I frequently meet in Ennis. That is a $60 fee to both locations. I do charge a .50 cent per mile charge for meeting you with your kitten.  This covers my time and gas and wear on my vehicle.  Thank you for remembering to include it in your payment. I do reserve the right to refuse sale of my kittens to those who clearly do not have the kittens best interest in mind.


Although I prefer to send my kittens home with a playmate I do make exceptions for those of you who already have pets/work from home or are retired or stay at home moms and you can provide the companionship these lovely Ragdolls crave and deserve. Even the Ragdoll Rescue requires 2 kittens to go home together.


All of my kittens come from huge families with lots of love from moms/aunts/brothers and sisters and do not want to be home alone!..Ragdolls are loved and sought after for the affection they give.  But just like Lovebirds are unique to the bird world....so are these lovely creatures to the cat world.  They are not like other feline breeds.  They are not independent but codependent on each other and their people. They crave touch/talking/grooming and constant play and affection.. If you are retired or home all the time you can give this to a kitten although they still need each other to play with and groom and talk to. If you work away from home, drive in traffic, go out for dates, go to school , take trips and in general have a life. PLEASE get 2 kittens. I will help you by giving you a $200 discount on the 2nd kitten. They will be more loving and affectionate if their needs are met as well.  They constantly talk to each other and play and groom each other and even use the litterbox together.  Don't worry they will still bond to you and adore you for caring enough to meet their needs as well. 




Empress Seal Sepia Lynx Mom 

Blue Mink Lynx, Seal Mink Lynx and Seal Mink kittens. These 2 kittens are a great example of the seal mink lynx, lighter color and the Sepia Lynx darker color. Sepias have longer, thicker and softer fur. Those of you who have patiently waited all year for this pattern...call now to place your deposit.

Thank you Natalie Webb for this gorgeous picture of her Seal Sepia Lynx male from one of my previous litters..this is Empress's brother!




 Available Kittens

Sweet little girls shown below available.


Seal Mink Lynx Female $1050


Seal Mink Lynx baby girl available $1050

Seal mink male available $950


Seal Mink Baby Girl $950






For kitten deposits or payments please click the Paypal button below.


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